Beach Club Cottages



Lake Washington, Seattle


Located on the west waterfront of scenic Lake Washington, Beach Club Cottages is a collection of six buildings that offers luxury living with a sense of community residents can come home to.


This unique property, originally built in 1939 with one of the buildings newly constructed in 2010, is currently comprised of 14 rental housing units.  A two story single family home, two quaint cottages, and three apartment buildings make up this well placed community.


While this property is close to shopping, restaurants, and many conveniences- the most significant is enjoyment of the beautiful shoreline and view- making Beach Club Cottages a serene place to  relax, play, and come home to.


Date Acquired:  July 2015


Before Renovation

After Renovation

Creating invigorating living spaces for a new generation of apartment residents. Providing the latest in contemporary design and clean technology upgrades for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.