Synergy Investments acquires multi-family residential buildings in strategic or proven locations, primarily in the core of Seattle. We look for properties that can support increases in density and floor area, which allows us to design creative solutions that add value both within and outside the existing structure. We manage our acquisitions in-house and reposition them over the course of one to two years. Once our repositioned properties have stabilized at their new levels, we place our buildings back on the market or retain them for our operating portfolio.


Repositioning plans vary based on the property acquired, but our goal is to maximize rent potential, using both high-touch management expertise and creative techniques that deliver above-market performance.


Keys to this strategy involve:


  • Adding newly constructed apartments to existing buildings, maximizing the use of and creating additional usable square footage when possible.
  • Renovating existing apartments with a finish level commensurate with our proforma rents, in order to attract high caliber rental clientele. Existing tenants are given first right of refusal upon completion of renovations.
  • Both newly constructed and renovated units have contemporary interior and exterior finishes – including LVT flooring, cabinets with high-end hardware, stainless steel appliances, tiled bathrooms, the latest in energy-saving technology, and exterior terraces when possible for an exceptional tenant living experience. State-of-the-art washers and dryers in each unit are an added convenience.
  • Common areas receive cosmetic renovations in line with the finishings and interior design of the newly renovated/constructed units. Use of photo/motion sensor LED lighting, upgrades to irrigation systems, landscape redesign, exterior building façade upgrades, and more all contribute to tenant enjoyment and curb appeal.
  • Working with city and government programs, our properties are brought to the highest efficiency and weatherization standards (new windows when needed, insulation and sound-proofing, energy efficient lighting, etc) making them not just visually appealing, but functional and cost saving for both residents and the holding entity.



As a whole, Synergy takes a resident-centric approach while maximizing income.  We view each property as unique, and engage our expert team of professionals to meet proforma objectives and sustainability, while supporting our local community and utilizing the resources from within it.


Synergy is more than an investment company. It’s a business model that comes to life by the valued people who participate in it’s mission – responsible community development by restoring multi-family living spaces to a place residents are proud to call home, where investors see results in performance.  Where the whole we create becomes greater working together than we could achieve alone. That’s Synergy. Acting on a definition that makes a true and responsible difference.

Creating invigorating living spaces for a new generation of apartment residents. Providing the latest in contemporary design and clean technology upgrades for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.